What We Do

All Local Radio is an outlet for local musicians to have their music played for thousands of ears. Artists Can sell Music and Merch in our Online Record Shop. Fans can listen to tracks in the record shop as well. Artists can tell their story in the Artist Corner. The Homepage Will Feature "The Featured Artist of the Week" Musicians can post Concert Dates in the "Concerts" Section and much more! Local sponsors advertise with us and offer Giveaways to listeners of All Local Radio. All Local Radio is always Free for musicians!

Why We Do

​​​The Music business is tough! No doubt about that. Even playing weekend shows for fun at the bar down the street can be excruciating when the gig is under promoted or worse not promoted at all.​ Bad PA systems, Equipment is expensive, so on and so forth. All Local Radio is Free, we're committed to the revitalization of a Local Music Scene! We want to offer local musicians an outlet for  playing to a larger audience.