​​Artist Corner


 Having 20 yrs of "Live"+ Studio experience,Scott@ 10K-DB music continues to write,record,perform Alt Rock/Crossover Country/Ballad/Adult contemporary/R+B/Blues Styles. Most all of the tracks on the recordings were performed+ recorded by Scott@ the 24 trk digital home studio.{unless otherwise noted} Experience includes playing "live" in countless     T-40 +original club venues ,ranging to West Coast{USA} to Midwest USA. Of recent,a local T-40 band he was in,,doing a set of his originals,won an opening slot with Grand Funk RailRoad@ WCSX Rockin on the Riverfront Concert series Detroit 7-29-2016. {highlight vids on Youtube}  As well as opening for Jeff Watson of "Night ranger" on the west coast of USA,doing his originals. On the flipside of his musical journey,hes done co-writes for screenwriter Bill Petersen@ Paramount L.A.{Midnight flight to memphis+ Back in the day} Additonal experience includes,recording/engineering/ producing select local artists/bands @the 24 trk digital  home studio. With over 200+ copyrighted+recorded songs to date,and more on the way,,Scott  @ 10K-DB music says:  "theres always more to do"  His 11 song album is available on CD Baby/10K-DB.                     

Alpaca Bulldog

Alpaca Bulldog is an electronic music duo from Ohio consisting of producer/singer-songwriter Cody "Mewt8d" Gibson and Gerald "Grizzly" Adams. Their style is influenced by a multitude of genres including Edm, Hip Hop, Pop, Trap, Rock, and Metal. A goofy, lighthearted pair of musicians just looking to make a living doing what they love. Their style isn't too serious, but isn't too over-the-top comical either. We are always willing to help new artists with advice or even a collaboration



Anotherwurld AKA Antonne Walker Is Hip Hop/Pop Vocal Artist Out of Detroit Michigan. He is currently Seeking a Record Label.

​Bad Warsaw Dreams

Bad Warsaw Dreams is a project by Sean DeMass, to record for posterity music that belongs to he and his former bandmates from the 90's bands; Something Orbit (Sean DeMass, Scott Sanders, Dan Dimick) and Opal/Pura (Mike Brown, Mike McGraw, Dan Dimick, Sean DeMass.) The first recorded track "On a Good Day" was written by Something Orbit, and the parts have been re-recorded from memory, by Sean DeMass; playing guitar, bass, and vocals over a drum track. The goal of the vision is to record 12 songs in total, for a full album labeled "12 Fresh Ripoffs." I am recording these songs with permission from my bandmates, and have subbed to Erie Coast Local Radio with approval as well.

​Brandon Z Smith

Brandon Z. Smith is a folk singer born and raised in Michigan. His musical journey began in 2010 at the age of 17 when he formed punk band, Endorphin. He found modest success in the Detroit area, opening for notable acts like 90s grunge band Sponge and Chad Smith (of the Red Hot Chili Peppers). They broke up a year later, from there Smith would go on to perform under various pseudonyms hopping from genre to genre. He relocated to Austin, Texas in 2016 to pursue a career as an electronic industrial artist. After only performing two shows as an electronic artist, Smith decided to scrap the entire project in disgruntled perfectionism. He felt no emotional connection to electronic music, and felt that most of the genre would be forgettable years to come. He decided to focus strictly on melody and pop oriented simplicity in his songwriting. Influenced by classic country and traditional Americana music often played by buskers throughout downtown Austin, Smith decided to purchase a low end mandolin.

Smith immediately began composing songs for his debut folk album, Transient. He played unorthodox shows in Austin, street corners, house parties and a condo turned art gallery. Less than a year after his move to Austin, Smith decided to move back to Michigan to be closer to his longtime girlfriend. He is currently gaining traction in Michigan's folk circuit. Brandon Z. Smith is heavily influenced by REM, Nick Drake, The Velvet Underground and Kurt Cobain. His live sets are always strong and engaging. He meshes cover songs together to form a medley of popular favorites and hidden gems. He also derives lyrical influence from poets like E.E Cummings, Charles Bukowski, Emily Dickinson and William Wordsworth. His lyrics are often personal yet cryptic, disenchanted yet optimistic. He has been deemed an important songwriter by his peers and is certainly someone to watch out for in the future.

Social Media and Contact: Phone: 586-873-7741
        Email brandon5793smith@gmail.com  

Bruce Graml

I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. I received my first guitar and a few lessons at the age of 10 and from that point on I was hooked ! With a deep love for artists like The Beatles, Badfinger, Todd Rundgren, Yes, Styx and others with lush vocal harmonies, I have been blessed to have spent many years playing guitar and entertaining appreciative audiences. However, I currently focus on my original music - recording my songs in my small home studio.
Please note: All of my songs are under copyright protection. I am currently seeking placement with other artists, movie soundtracks, commercials, etc.
For more information, please make contact through this page - or via email at: bruce.graml@gmail.com
Please Also Note: I perform and present the cover songs with no intent to make a profit. I'm a fan of the songs and the artists and post them as my small tribute to them.
Wishing everyone Peace, Love and Music - Today and Always !


Catastrophic Threat


Chad Frey


Coming from Doylestown Ohio. Chad Frey has been putting his own albums out in 2004. The releases keep on growing after then. Lot of originals and some cover songs from the band life sex & death for example. Highly recommend , Your gonna have some new favorites stuck in your head and screaming begging for more !




Christa Deana

Christa Deánā (Duh-nay) is a Christian Singer/Songwriter from Philadelphia who sings with conviction and power. Her songs speak to the journey of a woman after God's own heart. Each song is deeply rooted in a personal, yet extremely vulnerable relationship with God. It's the beauty and emotion in her voice and the candor in her lyrics that help inspire others to go all the way, every day, with God.
Dedicating herself to music as a child, she won first place in the Young Artist Competition for the city of Allentown, PA. A gifted writer, Christa Deana performed her first original song at 11 and went on to write over 50 more. Her vocal ability also developed young, securing her lead oratorios from classics such as Handel’s Messiah, Mendelssohn’s Elijah, Vivaldi’s Gloria, and lead songs in Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance. In addition to writing and singing, she has toured with several choirs that took her to Romania, Turkey, France, Spain, England, and all over the US. During this journey she found a love for conducting and excelled as a choir director for several choirs. She has worked with The Lesser Light Collective as a soloist, writer, and conductor, directing the choir for their performance at Washington Adventist University.
Christa Deánā inherited perfect pitch, excellent natural timing, a powerful vocal instrument and a creative soul. But she’s been diligent to cultivate her gifts, obtaining her music education degree from the University of Valley Forge. Not content to simply make her own music, she pulls beautiful music out of her students and collaborators. She is currently a music educator and worship leader at various facilities and churches. She is also the co-owner for ChristaCourt Productions.
Currently she is focusing on releasing a new single in February 2018 called "If God Doesn't Want It" and a self entitled album with all new original music Fall 2018. As she continues to tour and spread the message of the power of God, she's ecstatic of what's ahead. Join the mailing list and follow her on social media to stay up to date on what's to come!


Michael Stover
MTS Management Group

​Chuck and Tom

Chuck Swanagon teaches a variety of musical styles on both acoustic and electric guitar. He has been playing nearly fifty years, and has performed as an acoustic soloist, an electric lead guitarist, and a recording session player. He is an multi-instrumentalist playing bass, harmonica, mandolin and other instruments in addition to his exquisite guitar playing. Chuck was formerly a guitar instructor at Lapeer School of Music, before moving to Ann Arbor and becoming a guitar instructor, performance class instructor, and Music Program Coordinator at Herb David Guitar Studio.
Tom Dutton is a relative novice singer and lyricist. His mother was a professional singer in Chicago in the late 50’s when her career was cut short by a node on her vocal cords. Lucky for Tom as he wouldn’t exist if that hadn’t happened. He has always loved music and sang along with the radio all his life. He never imagined he could actually create songs. In 2012 Tom was invited to sing with some co-workers who were jamming one day a week after work. He resisted as they persisted and after about 5 weeks he eventually agreed to try it…It changed his life. He was overcome by a desire to make original music. As he had written poetry for his wife for over 30 years he converted that skill into song writing.
They met via Craig’s list in 2014 and have been collaborating ever since. They have 29 songs copyrighted since November of 2016 and are continuing to make more original songs. They think the music is the most important thing about their duo and say “it’s not about us but the music” whenever they play. Their motto on their website is: We are making honest, meaningful music to uplift your spirits, instill hope, reinforce sobriety and offer inner peace.  They both feel like they could help a lot of people and maybe change the world in some way even if for just one person would be enough.
Midwest Americana is their first album releasing August 1st 2017 is an introduction to the duo’s music. The album that follows will deal with sobriety as Tom has been sober 23 years and the lessons he shares with other alcoholics have all become songs.  The album after that will be country.
Our website is chuckandtom.com and our YouTube channel is Chuck and Tom  Facebook is Chuck and Tom a music duo from Ann Arbor.

​Clyde Alan Hensley

Clyde Alan Hensley is a singer/songwriter from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.
Having conquered some rather dark challenges including being homeless in Akron Ohio. Clyde's songs tell stories beauty, tragedy and battles that life presents to
us all on a daily basis.
  Clyde has his works on YouTube, Reverberation and more. Donating performances to Homeless Projects and playing all about Northeast Ohio with his simple "meat and potatoes"  songwriting in support of his cd "Simple Blessings"
  Contact: clydealan67@yahoo.com
  Text/phone 330-255-9412

​Frank Boyd Jr.

Frank Boyd Jr. expresses his gratitude for his CD Release Concert at The Bookery Parable Christian Store in Mansfield, Ohio USA on June 14, 2013 as part of their "Friday Night Live" Concert program:

Frank says, "A special thank you to Dale Powers and Race Ministries and the wonderful staff at The Bookery Parable Christian Store, especially manager Tammie Owens and concert organizer Doris Morr.  Also, my heartfelt thanks to my fantastic bandmates and a special shout out to the co-producer of my album with Dale, Kevin Graham, and my beloved wife Leslie for contributing lyrics for several songs on the album!
Frank Boyd Jr. was born on February 10, 1954 in Brownsville, Tennessee to his late parents Bessie and Frank Boyd Sr. as the elder sibling to his sister and brother.  He knew the love of Jesus and music in church through his family and was born again in his early youth.

Frank recalls, "At the age of five, my Dad gave me my first guitar and I wanted to be a blues player just like him.  When I was 15, I started playing in my first band.  I never thought that I could sing, but somebody had to do it!"

Early musical influences were B.B. King, Albert King, Albert Collins as well as Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, the soulful sounds of Motown and James Brown.  He pursued a musical career as a professional playing the blues with various bands throughout the Midwest for over twenty years.

"When I think back on my secular career, it was all about me.  Now it's all about God and reaching people with his Word.  Especially for the lost souls and sharing the good news about the Kingdom of Heaven.  That is my joy today."

It was in 2001 when Frank and his beloved wife, Leslie, were at a Christmas party in Columbus, Ohio that his life and music career were dramatically transformed.  "We were watching people dancing to Silent Night by The Temptations and something changed.  On our way home, we realized that soulful music needed to be part of the church worship experience.  Shortly after that I was watching a story about a rock star on TV whose life was a disaster.  I said to myself, 'What's wrong with this fool?' and realized that at the age of 47 that I was at a crossroads in my own life.  It reminded me of the Scripture about gaining the whole world and losing your soul.  I knew what I had needed to do before, but I kept running from it.  I could choose life or choose death.  It was then that I re-dedicated my life and music to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."
Through fellow musician and bandmate Jeff Reeder, Dale Powers was invited to Frank's church where he was part of the music worship team.  Dale recalls, "Things just clicked.  I had already been there with my music and sensed Frank's yearning to play music for the Lord.  I knew that God was going to use us."

Frank says, "It's simple.  It's a God thing.  God knew what He wanted us to do.  That is to make it all about Him.  God used Dale and me to assemble a team to share the Gospel using our music as a vehicle."

For Bookings of the Frank Boyd Jr. Gospel Blues Ministry please send email to: Dbennett70@neo.rr.com  or

​Home Before Midnight

Home Before Midnight is the musical collaboration of Songwriter/Guitarist, Mike Mammano and Vocalist/Lyricist, Joe Markko. Supported by Northeast Ohio music veterans "Mykoman" Lawrence on drums, Scott Simmons on Keyboards and Dave Tudor on Bass, HBM's growing song-list hints at a true fusion of styles and influences. Blending Blues, Jazz, Funk and Classical into its own Rock 'n Roll voice, their original compositions feature "infectious grooves," bound together with clear, melodic vocals.{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2D%20o%20ignored%20%2D%2D%3E
Writing for 6 years out of Mayfield Heights, Ohio, their first CD, 'Just Passing Through,' was released in June, 2016. The second album from Home Before Midnight titled, 'Adrift on the Wind,' is in process with an anticipated release date of May, 2018.


Keri Lynn Roche

Keri Lynn Roche is a Michigan born and raised, singer/songwriter, who has being playing music since the age of 14. Her earliest influences were primarily female artists such as Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Sheryl Crow and Ani Difranco.
Keri would describe her own style as one that is constantly growing. "I don't offer just one thing, because as a person I am constantly changing and experimenting. I like to play folk music, I can get gospel, I'm a pop princess and I grew up on alternative rock and grunge so it all is somehow intertwined in the music I write. The one thing that remains consistent is the honesty."
"Every "no" I've ever gotten made me
work that much harder."
The depth is there, the brutal honesty cryptically intertwined in her songs are valuable to her for more reasons than just making it big in the industry, "This is my medicine. I can't take full responsibility for overcoming personal struggles because I couldn't have done it without music, If I could make it on a larger scale that would be wonderful, but my primary motive has never been fame, it's just the safest place for me to say what I really feel and the fact that people want to listen to it, and want to hear more, is just as baffling as it is flattering."
Roche has had the opportunity to perform at national venues including The House of Blues Anaheim, Hollywood's Dresden lounge, San Diego Onyx Cafe, Springfed Songwriter's Retreat as well as many local area stages including the Detroit Opera House, The Detroit Fillmore, DIY Festival, TyFest, The Crofoot Ballroom & Pike room, opened for rising star Vance Joy at Ann Arbor's Sonic Lunch, The Blind Pig, The Magic Bag, Motor City Soundboard, The Ark, Taste of Ann Arbor, Royal Oak's Arts Beats and Eats 2014 & 2015, Opener for Boys II men for Harmonies and Hope for Goodwill's 95th anniversary Ann Arbor Art Fair 2014 & 2015, Xhedo's, AJ's Cafe, Gracie's Underground, PJ's Lager House,
Keri was placed in the Top 24 girls on American Idol in 2014 during Season XIII.
Regarding her initial Detroit audition, Keri explains, “It’s amazing how a three minute clip on national television once a week can impact someone.” Indeed, the singer received an enormous amount of positive feedback and new fan support following her multiple performances on the show. "Being validated by three of the biggest names in the industry was flattering, but remembering that it is show business, that the weight of your artistry and what you do is not dependent on the opinion of three human beings who have to find "the one" in 12 short weeks. It can be sad to see fellow contenders singing and others who stand by and you can see that they're feeling as though something they have is being jeopardized by someone else's talent, I did my best to help others, try to encourage them and remind them, it's TV, you are incredible to have made it this far and despite the result today you must keep doing what you love. Every "no" I've ever gotten made me work that much harder.
Now, back home Roche has released 2 singles and is in the process of writing a full length album with her band by her side. Backing Roche is local Producer/musician Bryan Reilly, Eric Sproull, Michael Parrott, Joey Gaydos, Drew Parent and Jacob Shives. The band formed piece by piece, says Roche. "We kind of fell together, Bryan knew Mike & Jake, I borrowed Drew from another band, Eric was a producer on the track "Scar on My heart" ft. co-writer Dan Henig who introduced us, he's been an absolute angel, like family. Joey hopped on board after a few gigs and then I held them all captive to the KLR Summer shows. They all love what they do, they're all incredible guys and musicians and I'm really fortunate to have them behind me." "From this point I'd like to dedicate as much of my time to my craft, the music I write and the power of healing attached to it, not only for myself but others. It has been the most rewarding gift I've received in life thus far, I have been at somewhat of a standstill trying to learn how to lighten the mood with writing now a days. My muse used to be sadness, heart ache, (bad relationships of course) but I have a light in my life that I have never known, so now I am trying to learn how to write about that, and anyone who knows my story is aware of what an absolute miracle that is."
Her new single, “Overnight” is now available on SoundCloud and to follow KLR on the web find her on on Twitter: @kerilynnroche,Facebook.com/kerilynnrochemusic, Instagram: itskerilynnroche


Hailing from central Ohio, Krymzon have been ripping their way through their local metal scene since early 2011. When their debut full length record titled Origins was released independently in June of 2013, it immediately took on a life of its own. It has been described as “a raw and savage assault that starts out strong and remains so throughout”, and “most certainly an album made to rip through a mosh pit”. With buzz about the album circulating along the East Coast, these statements are proving to be anything but false. It is believed by Krymzon’s fans, known as Krymzon Nation, that Origins is the start of something huge.
Krymzon's second studio album titled "Scriptures of Disgust" (Released in June of 2016) is a step in a new direction for the band while keeping true to their roots. A more bold, modern sound fused with the traditional sounds of essential metal from the past (Slayer, Pantera, Testament, ect.). Krymzon have proven with this effort that they are not afraid to step outside their boundaries a bit and test the waters. It is this evolving creativity that the band thrives on, and it keeps their fans wondering what is in store for their future music.
Krymzon - Ron Wise (Vocals), Ryan Arter (Drums), Joey VanDine (Guitar), Adam Anderson (Bass), have one common goal; to elevate their brand of metal to the masses. To accomplish this goal, they know that they must maintain the vitality and primal chaos that their discography possesses. These characteristics apply to Krymzon’s live show as well. From diving off the drum riser to moshing with the crowd, anyone who has ever been to a Krymzon show knows that their performances are anything but predictable. 
Day by day, Krymzon continue to create vicious, dangerous, intense music in the studio, and on stage. No matter where they play, people respond very well. It is the combination of their musical relationship and their undying drive to take Krymzon to the highest levels possible that really make this band special. It is safe to say; Krymzon is in this thing for a long time!


​​​Mike Brown

Mike Brown is a guitarist/vocalist from Northeast Ohio. His influences range from the Delta blues to Folk to 70's rock and punk.He sings of life lost and found in the Midwest

Mike Krupar

Mike Krupar is an unsigned alternative/folk singer/songwriter from Ashland, Ohio. Influenced by five decades of music in the genres of progressive rock, folk, classic country, and alternative, Mike has cultivated a unique style of his own. Mostly acoustic and oddly timed, with pensive lyrics sincerely delivered, his songs seem to seek to make you not only think, but make you feel what he was feeling when he wrote them. He is currently commencing the recording of an album's worth of new material.


Mike Ohio

  Hello, my name is MiKE OH!O™. I'm a multifaceted Hip Hop/ Pop Artist & Entertainer from Columbus, Ohio. I'm contacting you in regards to submitting material for a potential opportunity with WECL Erie Coast Local Radio. I wanted to give you a quick overview of my career path thus far... I've been blessed enough to create & work in the music business for years now, with my accolades being well noted & very prestigious. Including, but not limited to;
* High traffic on Social Media.
* An extensive song discography (with countless production for various artists).
* ReverbNation's Number 1 Local & Regional Hip Hop Artist.
* Appearances on Coast to Coast, Hot New Hip Hop, Empire State, etc. Mix-Tape series.
* Being affiliated with The Empire Entertainment & Warner Bros. distribution.
* Commercial/Runway/Print modeling with Romeo & Juliet Couture, Fuze It World Wide, etc.
* Cast in movies, the likes of "I Am Wrath" & "Goat".
* Featured on RollingStone.com & MTV.com.
* Being an Official Jim Beam, Harley Davidson & RudeBoy Asia Ambassador.
* Radio plays/interviews & News Paper articles.
* Plenty of opening performances with top artists like 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, & more.
  All of these ventures were self accomplished with one goal in mind & that is to be seen & heard worldwide. I'm a self made recording artist, music producer, engineer, videographer, editor, etc. With my web publicity at its highest, I have accumulated a strong fan base with sales on 6 continents & over 20 countries using ReverbNation,Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, iTunes, Google play, etc. which all have countless hits. Being a serious professional artist, I know my worth. I know I posses an exceptional amount of talent, perseverance, & determination. In my heart I believe there is nothing stopping me from giving the music industry the look & sound it has been missing. All I'm asking for is a chance to prove that I have what it takes to be a successful in today's music market. Enclosed in this message I have attached some of my Latest Music, Visuals, & EPK to help you get to know who I am personally, & who I'm striving to become as an artist. Thank you for your time & I hope to hear from you soon.

For more information, please visit:

Artist Info:
Name: MiKE OH!O™
Number: (740) 656-6963
Location: Chillicothe/Columbus, Ohio
EPK: Press Kit for MiKE OH!O™


Missingno. is an electronic artist currently based in Akron, OH and is currently attending the University of Akron

https://twitter.com/Missingno_ 13


MykoMan is a unique, seasoned and highly-versatile musical talent who has honed his chops and creates his music from the powerful perspective of the drum stool. Songwriter, singer, player, producer, studio owner, bandleader and more, this Northeast Ohio-based musician and entrepreneur knows how to deliver the big beat, deep groove, melodies that captivate your consciousness and lyrics rich with feelings and meaning with a natural gift that charms listeners both in his recordings and live performances. 

An Internet phenomenon with three online albums to his credit – It's About Time, Changing Minutes and What The Country! – and a fourth release, Second Hand, currently underway, he's been the Featured Artist of the Week on Reverbnation and scored numerous Top 10 tracks in a variety of categories on Broadjam.com as well as had his songs licensed for recordings, TV shows and films. He also boasts a blue ribbon crew of current collaborators that includes Joe Vitale – drummer/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/recording artist who has toured and recorded with his fellow Ohio native Joe Walsh plus Stephen Stills, Neil Young, David Crosby and Graham Nash in various configurations, The Eagles, Peter Frampton, Ted Nugent and other notables – and former David Bowie guitarist Stacy Heydon, plus also spent more than a dozen years performing with North Carolina blues legend Mojo Collins, including an appearance at the legendary New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (that MykoMan fondly recalls as "the best 45 minutes of my professional life"). In addition to these noted acts MykoMan works and records with George McGrew from Orlando, Florida. George and MykoMan have played together since 2009 and have a bountiful music relationship!
Born in Raleigh, NC into a family with earlier generations of bluegrass and acoustic mountain music players, music is all but embedded in MykoMan's DNA. From an early age he was weaned on a variety of styles: classic rock, Motown, country, pop, classic crooners like Dean Martin, jazz and much more. He started playing at age five with guitar lessons, but soon flipped the instrument over and started beating out rhythms. When he got the drum kit he dearly wished for as a Christmas gift a few years later, "I sat down at the set in front of the console stereo and played all day. I remember my hands being bloody that night. I was hooked," he recalls.
Traveling through Tennessee, Nevada and Hawaii as he grew up, MykoMan voraciously listened to music while expanding and perfecting his drumming skills. After a stint in the service he first began playing professionally in central Missouri and has since done time in groups playing rock, metal, grunge, blues, R&B, polka and other styles in the Carolinas,Ohio and beyond as well as hard-working cover bands, learning first hand what captivates audiences and touches their souls from the stage.
He also had written poetry and verse since his youth, and when his North Carolina band Alley Cat recorded a 4 song EP, he composed the lyrics to 3 out of the 4 songs. After finally settling in the Cleveland, OH area – "I liked the city and people and it felt like home," he says – MykoMan began devoting his gifts for words and melodies to composing his own songs. His pal Vitale attests to MykoMan's "incredible passion he has for the art... the depth of heart and soul that he pours into every measure of his music, and simply the pure love he has for performing."
To enable himself to create all the songs and music that prolifically pours out from his muse, MykoMan built a world-class professional recording studio in the barn behind his home (also available for hire for rehearsals and recording projects, as are his skills as a producer). His musical endeavors also include a state of the art live sound system for rent to power everything from intimate acoustic gigs to multi-group festivals, and his Ultimate Tribute Xperiences to the bands Journey and Rush by MykoMan & other top Northeast, Ohio musicians.
Throughout the years MykoMan has also started and run a number of his own businesses as well as been a CEO and sales and marketing expert for companies offering innovative new products. "I've always been an entrepreneur, which has allowed me to do what I love to do, which is play music," he explains. And that too informs the sounds he creates and delivers. "Whether it's music or marketing, it's all about communicating to people."
And he does so handily, whether it's in recordings or in the club, concert or festival stage, no matter what the style or mode, from classic to contemporary or tried and true to the innovative and cutting edge. "Some people just want to play and I am one of those guys," he concludes. And when he does, people love to listen and always come away wanting to hear more from this rare and gifted musical artist.

"I've had many influences but at the age of 13 seeing Elvis was a huge turning point in my life! In my songwriting I aim to hear in my ears what I hear in my heart. There's nothing more exciting than feeling the energy when people enjoy the tunes, very cool". MykoMan

Nico Noir

​​Nico Noir is new to the Cleveland music scene as a Detroit transplant, in a place where his truthful, overt messages about failures of our society and human nature expand. Utilizing vocal harmonies, piano, cello and violin, he applies the talents of orchestral instruments already appreciated for generations in Cleveland to catchy, but haunting songs.  The music of Nico Noir is intended to provoke emotion and question ones' true self, morals, and injustices encompassing a generation of lost millennials. 
​For Booking Contact Nico Noir
Ph: (586) 863-3846

​Paul Taken



​Rainbow Laden

​Rainbow Laden knocks on wood for the rest of the world. Their music is reliable and uninterpreted. Fill your pockets with thought and your head with spare  change. And always remember to keep your eye on the ball.



Rollin' Steady

Rollin Steady was established in 2017, is a 3-piece show from the 440! Jason Franz, Dave Robbins, and Antonio Reyes are 3 musicians that came together with a passion for creating music. The music they create is a soulful balance of rock and blues, with a country/pop twist. Influenced by many artists, in several different genres, they have dialed into their own type of sound. With their very first recording, the original members of Rollin Steady won an all original Christmas song contest hosted by the Erie Coast radio station, W.E.C.L. The Weasel. Currently writing and recording music in the Rollin Steady Studios, to bring these rockin' tunes to you. Also, in conjunction with EyEsOrE Productions, Rollin Steady will be filming and releasing music videos.

Hailing from Sheffield Lake, Ohio, Jason Franz (a.k.a. Mr. Vyntij) was born with a microphone in his left hand, and a keyboard in his right. Influenced by his father, "Big Wally Franz," and influenced heavily at a young age by Elvis Presley, he has been on stage since he can remember. After his band NeverEnd broke up in his late teens, he got into the cover band scene. But, that just wasn't for him. He did not want to play other bands music, he wanted to write, record, and perform his own originals. It weighed heavily on him as he struggled to find others with the same aspirations of creating original music, and in walked Antonio and Silent Dave.

"Silent" Dave Robbins hailing from the Amherst, Ohio area, was raised in South Lorain. He began learning guitar at the age of 5, to the classic "Secret Agent Man" by Johnny Rivers. By 15 he was in a local band playing, what he refers to as, classic rock covers. He began writing songs and became interested in scoring music for movie sound tracks. Dave and Jason met in 2017 and began working on the foundation for which is now Rollin Steady.

Antonio "Tony" Reyes grew up in Sheffield Lake, OH. His parents knew he would become a drummer when he began banging on pots & pans as a toddler. His father, Tony Sr., enjoyed singing and playing bongos, and had inspired him to learn the drums in school. His passion for drumming grew and one day, they decided to build a PVC drum rack for his drums. This creation later sparked an idea to design his own custom drum rack system. Now, Tony is working on the development his patented TRSERIES Drum Rack System, which will undoubtedly be coming to market soon!

Thank you for your support! You can also find us Rollin at these great depots around the web:
Thank you for your support! You can also find us Rollin at these great depots around the web: 
The Rollers Hub: http://www.rollinsteady.com 
You can also listen for us on WECL, The Weasel: http://www.alllocalradio.com/

And remember, to Always Keep it Rollin Steady!

Rusty Souls Band

Rusty Soul Band blends genres to offer a unique sound that is at the same time fresh and familiar. A deep-pocket funky bass-and-drum backbeat pours the foundation. Two pure and powerful guitars meld different yet complementary tones to provide a unified wall of sound. Soulful voices provide the character and identity that makes it all work. They call it Blue-Collar Rock-N-Roll. Fans of classic 4-on-the-floor rock, southern rock, r&b and even country/western music will find something to like.

The vocals of Leslie Blanc and Steve Stanley are the focal point of the band's music, which draws comparisons to early 70s rock, heavy on the guitar with Blanc and Stanley out front belting melodic hooks. The lyrics cover territory of the everyman. There's plenty of sex, drugs and rock-and-roll, but there's deeper content as well, including exploring the plight of the rust belt, where Rusty Soul Band calls home.

Despite the obvious 70s influences, RSB isn't simply a nostalgia act. There's a modern flavor peppered in the mix that creates a hint of familiarity that packages the band's music in a way that sounds brand new.

In 2017 RSB was one of 13 bands chosen to appear on the DiverseCity 4: Ohio Music Compilation album (available on iTunes), a project promoting original music from Ohio. RSB headlined the CD's release party concert in Akron. Rusty Soul Band also performed during an original music showcase event held by Pittsburgh indie label Super Monkey Records held at Musica in Akron, Ohio. The band has played many of northeast Ohio's top stages and has filled the opening slot for a handful of national acts passing through the area.

For booking or other info, please contact Leslie Blanc at 330-417-5148 or via email at roxyoutlaw@gmail.com or Dave Mazak at 330-802-6596.

Rusty Soul Band is — Leslie Blanc: vocals, harmonica | Steve Stanley: guitar, vocals | Eric Barnes: guitar | Dave Mazak: drums | Jim: bass

Photo Credit: Josh Land/L-Squared Photography

​Scott Marshall

Scott Marshall is a singer/multi-instrumentalist/ songwriter. As a songwriter he`s had songs recorded by American Idol performer Isaac Cole , Tommy Brandt ( multiple ICM music award nominee ) , Tammy Renee , Marthia Sides , Desi Hickman, Brandy Henson and Rickey Whipple.
Scott has performed at the Bluebird Café in Nashville and on the NashvilleEar songwriter stage .
A member of Tennessee Songwriter Association International , his song "Read Your Bible" ( co-written with Tommy Brandt ) was selected for the TSAI Cares album ( for charity ). His song "God Help Us " is on the "Healers 4 Harvey " compilation cd to benefit the Houston Food Bank.
His song "When Rubber Was King" is currently being played on 91.3`s The330.net for local artists and the song was also entered in "The High Arts Challenge" in the music category.

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Sonicmyth Creation

We are a trio formed in the suburbs and we love to rock!

Guitar/vox : pepperg

Drums : rocket

Bass : raf


Spazzo is a 22 Year Old Local Award Winning Recording Artist based from Ohio. Previously featured on ThisIs50.com, Hood Illustrated and The Hype Magazine. Spazzo's music is very vibey with a wavey feel, mixed with lyricism to top it off. You can follow Spazzo on all social medias 


Stardust Trail

Stardust Trail emerged out of Amherst OH.  sometime around 2008. They Play Mainly original folky songs which usually lean toward the darker side. They Rocked the open-mic scene for a short period before hitting the bar scene.  The band was mainly a 2 piece power duo but occasionally had some sit ins. Daniel Sparks fronts the force With Lead Vocals and Guitar. Chris Cox on the Guitar occasionally Keys and or bass. They Recruited Drummer Bryan Willi of Cloudy Water. They also have played with solo-artist Mike Krupar.
They Currently reside on indefinate hiatus. For the sake of music the whole world over hopefully they will one day reunite.
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Steve Taylor
                and The
    Intouch Reggae Band

​​​​Steve Taylor and the N Touch Reggae band is a “sizzling” act and a “Can’t Miss” act! They have been performing reggae in the tri state area for over 2 decades, opening shows for national acts such as Ziggy Marley and “The Wailers” as well as performing at the Rock and Roll hall of fame in Cleveland. The band has just finished its first CD entitled “At Last”  Do yourself a favor and see for yourself, they are NOT your average reggae band.

​For Booking Call Steve Taylor  ph.(419) 280-8592
​email: sjt7628@gmail.com
​Facebook: Steve Taylor


Hi, this is Tony, aka T.Gam. I have been performing as a rapper/poet/DJ since 2008 all over NE Ohio, at open-mics, talent shows,benefits and fundraisers. At the present time, I am working on some video projects to go along some singles that I have wrote, performed, and produced. Also, I am working hard on releasing a Christmas EP, as well as doing a mini-tour of Akron and Barberton this month, including 4th Friday at El Wray Record shop.

​The Dr Fine Band

The Dr. Fine Band started in 1979 as a five piece high school rock band called "Eternity".  That is where Brian Margazano, Matt Fockler and Chris Lilley along with two more people first got to know each other.  When that band broke up they all went their separate ways.  Twenty years later Brian, Matt and Chris got back together as "The Dr. Fine Band".  They recorded the first CD "The Dr. is in" in 1999 and hit the bar scene.   After many weekend gigs, lots of positive reviews and a little radio airplay they decided to do it again and recorded "Ship of Mare" titled after their first instrumental.   Sadly Chris Lilley passed away in 2008 and "The Dr. Fine band" name was retired .  Matt and Brian have continued to write and record music under the name "Long tooth".  They still occasionally perform live and will play some of "The Dr.Fine Band" songs.  "The Dr. Fine Band" was about three friends having a lot of fun at high volume making music, and you can hear it in every song!

The Jinns

 Ohio Acoustic Rock

The Jinns are Conner and Alex Morehart sharing all vocals, guitar and bass. 
They are often joined by friends Will Koenig and Scott Strum for some added instrumental background.
 The Morehart Brothers with a life long passion for the stage and a musical background that goes back for generations, The Jinns will bring you a diverse variety of cover songs along with the outstanding songwriting of Conner to entertain all crowds of all ages and genres. 
  Now booking  gigs all around and a demo to be released in 2018 

​The Lowsiders

The Lowsiders are a Folk Rock outfit hailing from Northeast Ohio, where their music is wrought from the concrete and rust of post farmland parking lots and shopping strips, the rattle of coal and salt filled box cars, and the ghosts of rubber and steel.
The rhythm section, featuring Cameron VanDerHorst’s steady backbeat and Eric Cucuz’ nuanced bass work, along with Nathan Edmund's finger-picking style drive the band as the controlled chaos of Matthew Warner’s guitar fills the ether with haunting reverb and schizophrenic melodies.


TJ Leonard

Swedish country singer/songwriter, TJ Leonard got his first guitar from his grandfather, when he was
eight; he taught his grandchild to play Swedish folk music and evergreens. Soon, TJ was introduced to
pop and blues through his cousin, who was a little bit older and played in a famous Swedish pop band.
At eighteen, TJ became lead singer and guitar player in a dance band. Many genres have passed through
TJ’s life: Jazz, hard rock, gospel, soul/r&b, but not until country music came along, did it feel like home.
Together with Tex Taylor, he started the band, CHESTNUT, in 2010. Later that year, they released their
first single, “110% Country,” followed by the EP, American Dream. CHESTNUT played at most of the
country festivals in Sweden and Denmark. In both 2012 and 2013, they were nominated in the Swedish
Country Music Championships.
In late 2013, TJ decided to release his songs under his own name, TJ Leonard. TJ is a Top 50 CMT.com
Most Popular Artist, an Academy of Western Artists award nominee, a 2016 Indie Music Channel Awards
nominee, a 2016 Josie Music Awards nominee and a #1 New Music Weekly charting artist with "The
River," from the album, High On Livin’ (MTS Records). TJ also scored a Top 10 NMW hit with
"Remember Those Times." TJ has appeared on countless radio shows and in magazines around theworld. His latest single is "Roadtrip," scheduled for January 2018 release on MTS.